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5 Quiet Gas Golf Carts


When the day brings you warm sunshine and a cool breeze you will want to take advantage. You may decide to go for a stroll around the neighborhood in your gas golf cart. As soon as you turn the switch, the beautiful summer melody gives way to your clunky old gas cart engine. You think to yourself, “There has to be a better way”. Believe it or not, there are now options for a quiet gas golf cart. 

2012 club car precedent value used Canton Ohio
2012 club car precedent value used Canton Ohio

How did this come to be?

With the common feedback surrounding noise levels of gas golf carts, the top manufacturers began to innovate. Brands like Club Car, EZ GO, Yamaha, and Cushman, share the goal of delivering the optimal experience in golf carts sold for personal use. With this goal in mind, they have introduced models specifically meant for neighborhood exploration. With new and improved motors, advanced sound insulation, and smoother drivetrains, there are several quiet gas golf carts to choose from now. 

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used club car precedent for sale Athens Ohio

5 Quiet Gas Golf Carts:

These gas-powered golf carts use various technologies and design features to minimize noise levels, offering a quieter option for those who prefer gas over electric models.

1. Club Car Precedent i2 Signature Edition: This golf cart is equipped with a Subaru EFI gasoline engine known for its quieter performance when compared to traditional engines. We also have several Used Models available today in 2024.

2. EZGO RXV Gas: The RVX Gas model features a quiet, fuel-efficient engine designed to minimize noise and provide a quieter ride around the golf course or neighborhood.

3. Yamaha Drive2 QuieTech EFI: The QuieTech EFI model utilizes electronic fuel injection (EFI) technology, which helps to reduce engine noise, making it one of the quieter gas-powered options available.

4. Cushman Hauler 4×4: The Cushman Hauler 4×4 gas model is engineered to provide a smoother and quieter ride, even on rugged terrain. This is a suitable option if you want a quiet ride that can still deliver as a great utility vehicle. 

5. Cushman Shuttle 2+2 EFI: The Cushman Shuttle 2+2 EFI model is powered by a quiet and efficient EFI engine. Similar to the other models sporting EFI technology this will aid in reducing noise.

2012 club car precedent for sale Cambridge Ohio
2012 club car precedent for sale Cambridge Ohio

Enhancing the Quietness of Your Gas Golf Cart

Don’t have the budget for a whole new golf cart? We have you covered! Let’s discuss how to limit noise without buying a quiet gas golf cart. 

One effective solution would be to upgrade to a quieter muffler or exhaust system. There are systems specifically designed to dampen sound output. 

Keep up on regular maintenance. Tune your engine, lubricate moving parts, consistently ensure all bolts are fastened snug. Questions on regular maintenance? Check out our golf cart maintenance guide here.

You can also purchase sound proofing materials as one of the many accessories for golf carts. These sound proofing materials are used in the interior of the golf cart to further enhance quietness. Curious about other accessories for golf carts? We also have a blog for golf cart customizations, click here to take a look.

used club car precedent for sale Bowling Green Ohio
used club car precedent for sale Bowling Green Ohio


As the days of chrome pipes and loud motors begin to fade, quiet, peaceful transportation is slowly taking its place. With the split between electric and gas-powered golf carts here to stay, we hope you found this helpful. Whether looking for your next golf cart or trying to retrofit your current noisy gas model, let us know what we can add to improve this article!