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The Average Price of a Golf Cart in 2024


With the increase in popularity of the sport of golf itself, people are incorporating golf carts into their everyday lives more and more. Golf cart demand has surged as people look for eco-friendly transportation along with the desire to stand out in their neighborhood. You might wonder about the average price of a golf cart and what to look for.

With this new demand, understanding the average price of a golf cart in 2024 is important to make an informed decision and feel good about your purchase. Today we will explore the factors that influence golf cart pricing, trends, and what you can expect to pay for a new or used golf cart this year. 

atlas 6 passenger golf cart united states
atlas 6 passenger golf cart united states

1. Factors Influencing the Average Price of Golf Carts

Brand and Model

High-end brands like Club Car, Yamaha, and E-Z-GO typically come with higher prices due to their reputation for quality and durability.

New vs. Used 

New golf carts are more expensive, but they come with warranties and the latest features. Used carts are more affordable but may require more work to have the best owner experience.

Customization and Features

Custom paint jobs, upgraded seats, enhanced suspension systems, sound systems, and advanced technology like GPS and Bluetooth can significantly increase the cost.

Battery Type

Electric golf carts with lithium-ion batteries are more expensive on average than those with lead-acid batteries due to their longer lifespan and better performance. 

Dealer Location

Prices can vary based on regional demand and dealer pricing strategies. Similar to motorcycles or other seasonal vehicles, prices tend to climb in locations where the usable season is extended. 

Golf buggy golf cart Wooster Ohio
Golf buggy golf cart Wooster Ohio

2. Average Price of New Golf Carts in 2024

Entry-Level Models

Basic models without many extra features typically range from $6,000 to $8,000. These carts are perfect for golfers and travelers who need a reliable vehicle without any frills.

Mid-Range Models

For those looking for a few more bells and whistles like comfortable seating, better suspension, and some customization options, prices range from $8,000 to $12,000.

High-End Models

Luxury golf carts fully equipped to include advanced technology, custom designs, and high-performance components, can cost between $12,000 and $20,000 or more.

icon i60 golf cart hartville golf carts
icon i60 golf cart hartville golf carts

3. Average Price of Used Golf Carts in 2024

Basic Used Models

Older models or those with higher mileage can be found for as low as $2,000 to $4,000. These carts may require some TLC. If electric, make sure to check the health of the battery. 

Average Used Models

Well-maintained used carts that are a few years old and have some upgraded features typically range from $4,000 to $7,000.

Premium Used Models

Recent models with low mileage, excellent condition, and upgraded features can cost between $7,000 and $10,000.

golf carts for sale near me – hartville golf carts

4. Cost-Saving Tips for Buying a Golf Cart

Consider Certified Pre-Owned

Many dealers offer certified pre-owned golf carts that come with warranties and have been professionally inspected. This will provide peace of mind and save money compared to buying new.

Look for Seasonal Discounts

Prices tend to drop during the off-season or when new models are released. Timing your purchase can lead to healthy savings.


Don’t hesitate to negotiate the price with the dealer, especially if you’re buying multiple carts or adding accessories.

Check Online Marketplaces

Places like Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and specialized golf cart forums often have listings for both new and used carts, sometimes at lower prices than dealerships.

2 seater golf cart Hartville Golf Carts
2 seater golf cart Toledo ohio


The average price of a golf cart in 2024 can vary widely. Factors like brand, condition, and upgrades play a huge role. By knowing how these impact pricing we can better understand the average costs. This should help to make a well-informed decision when purchasing your new or used golf cart. For other blogs related to golf cart accessories, pricing or maintenance, check out our golf cart resource center.