Epic E60 L

brand new golf cart

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Suggested MSRP: $14,999.00

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Cart Details

Brand New Golf Cart

The Epic e60L brand new golf cart is an ideal solution for transporting people and goods around properties of all kinds. This golf cart’s compact design allows it to easily navigate through tight spaces and narrow pathways on Golf Courses, College Campuses, and many other places. The e60L is an amazing addition because it is equipped with a powerful motor that provides enough power to move the vehicle over many distances on multitudes of properties. This is a powerful electrical golf cart with multiple seating options.

The e60L is designed to provide comfort and ease of operation. The Epic e60L Golf Cart includes many features designed for convenience and effectiveness. This golf cart can carry up to six passengers comfortably. The e60L offers a variety of accessories that provide convenience for everyone.

Our brand new golf carts are serviced to complete satisfaction so that when anyone wants to buy these electric golf carts, they know quality is provided. Our many locations in Ohio offer much more for shipping and pickup.

Golf Cart Features

When buying a golf cart, you need to know the features that come with it, that way you make an informed decision when buying the golf cart you would like. There are literally so many reasons to get a golf cart for properties of any kind. Some of these features include the ability to do multitudes of things including the ability to get around the area quickly without having to drive a vehicle.


  • 14″ aluminum wheels
  • 4-wheel disc brakes
  • Powder coated steel chassis
  • High-speed rear ends
  • Heavy duty forward brush guard
  • Digital gauges & more!

Golf Cart Benefits

There are many benefits that give everyone a great experience when having the e60L golf cart. One could be getting an ideal traversal throughout the entire neighborhood or even a big yard. Clear as day, this golf cart really gets the job done for everybody looking to traverse around without having to drive a bigger vehicle around.

This golf cart is an amazing golf cart to escort your family to the right spot during July 4th fireworks. Especially, during the summer in Ohio, it is hot, and having fans is a must, the good news is that you can have absolute comfort when going anywhere with this outstanding golf cart.

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