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How Much Does A Golf Cart Weigh

Are you considering buying a golf cart but don’t know how much they weigh? Or maybe you already have one and want to see if it’s within the manufacturer’s weight limits? Whatever your situation may be, understanding the weight of a golf cart can help determine what features are available for purchase and if certain accessories will add too much stress on the frame. In this blog post we’ll discuss why it’s important to understand the weight of a golf cart, how modern carts differ in size and mass, as well as some tips to help optimize storage capacity without sacrificing quality. Let’s get started!

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Overview of the different types of golf carts and their weight

Golf carts are versatile vehicles that come in a variety of sizes and shapes, designed to meet the needs of a range of users. Regular golf carts are battery-powered four-wheeled vehicles that can fit anywhere from two to four people and usually weigh no more than 1,000 pounds when empty. If you’re looking for something lightweight and easier to turn or maneuver, an “LSV” or low-speed vehicle golf cart is a great option; these usually weigh under 1,000 pounds when unloaded and their top speed is typically between 20-25 mph.

Specialty golf carts such as 4x4s or utility vehicles generally have higher load capacities than traditional golf carts and can often handle heavier loads while still maintaining a relatively light weight (usually between 600 – 900 pounds). Each type of golf cart offers its own unique benefits, so it’s important to understand which one best suits your particular needs before making a purchase.

Factors that affect the weight of a golf cart, such as accessories and battery size

The weight of a golf cart is determined by many different variables. Accessories such as large cup holders, roofers, and covers can all add extra weight to the cart. The size and material of the battery used to power the cart also has an effect on its overall weight, with larger capacity or heavier duty batteries being increasingly heavy. Beyond those main elements, other features like storage compartments, speakers, headlights and so on may also add some heft to the vehicle. As such, understanding these factors is essential to ensuring you select a golf cart that meets your specific needs without carrying too much extra weight.

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Weight comparison between electric and gas powered carts

When comparing electric and gas powered carts side-by-side, the weight difference is incredibly noticeable. Electric carts are usually significantly lighter than their gas powered counterparts because they don’t require heavy duty engines or bulky fuel tanks.

This makes them an ideal choice for golf courses and other wide open spaces since they can travel with ease and maneuver around tight corners better than gas powered cars. Although electric carts do require charging more often than gas powered ones, this isn’t a significant hindrance as they can be easily plugged in when needed. On the whole, many people find electric carts to be preferable due to the greater efficiency, convenience, and lower weight compared to gas powered versions.

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Tips for determining how much a golf cart weighs

If you are trying to determine how much a golf cart weighs, the best way to do so is by taking it in to a car dealership that specializes in golf carts. A certified technician there will be able to use their professional equipment and expertise to accurately assess the weight of the vehicle. Alternately, if finding a dealership is not an option, you can measure the golf cart’s height and length and then use those measurements to calculate its approximate weight.

However, be aware that this method may not provide an extremely accurate result. Ultimately, when determining the weight of your golf cart being aware of what methods should be used will help ensure that you receive the most precise information possible.

How to safely lift a golf cart if you need to move it

Moving a golf cart can be both a difficult and dangerous task. To ensure the safety of yourself and those around you, it’s important to properly lift the golf cart before attempting to move it. First, make sure that you have at least two people helping with the task – one person to support each side of the cart – and that all participants wear close-toed shoes.

Next, tilt the cart toward you slightly by pushing it with your leg so the weight is off of the wheels and on one end only. With the other person supporting their end, slowly lift both sides until enough space is created for a flat bed vehicle or for personal transport. Make sure to maintain balance throughout this process with two hands on either side and keep feet at shoulder width apart for stability. When finished, lay it down gently from either side of its center in order to keep it level. With these steps in mind, lifting a golf cart becomes an easy and safe process!

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The importance of weighing your golf cart before transportation

Weighing a golf cart before transportation is an important safety precaution that should never be ignored. If your golf cart is overweight, it can lead to costly fines and potential injury if the overloaded cart has an accident. By weighing your golf cart before loading it onto a trailer or other type of transportation vehicle, you can prevent any unexpected surprises.

Furthermore, accurate weight data is essential for determining the amount of fuel economy or the overall performance capabilities of your golf cart. Knowing your golf cart’s exact weight can provide valuable insight into its overall health which will help you avoid any disruptions during practice rounds or in tournaments. With these simple steps, you can ensure that every trip with your golf cart goes smoothly and safely.


Golf carts are a great investment for those who enjoy the game of golf, but it’s important to consider the weight when making your decision. Knowing the type of cart you want will help you determine the approximate weight and ensure that it’s safe for transport. Accessories and battery size play an important role too, so pay special attention to those features.

Electric and gas powered golf carts can weigh the same when considering the accessories, but electric launched carts tend to be heavier than their gas powered counterparts. Before transporting your golf cart anywhere, make sure to get a healthy understanding of how much it weighs so that safety protocols can take place before transporting it from one location to another. After weighing your golf cart and confirming its weight, it’s time to hit the links!