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How Many Volts Is A Golf Cart Battery

As an owner of a golf cart or if you are planning to make your first golf cart purchase, has it ever occurred to you how many volts are in a standard golf cart battery? We here at Hartville Golf Carts have created a blog campaign dedicated to answering all your questions about the specifications of golf carts and their batteries and many more inquiries in your intensive research on your golf cart investment.

In this blog post, we have created a comprehensive guide giving you a greater insight into how many volts are in a golf cart battery, what favors influences power output, the overall characteristics of distinct types of batteries and guidance on proper charging and storage practices. As you dive through this comprehensive guide, you will have a better understanding and knowledge needed to purchase or maintain an efficient electric vehicle with confidence. So, let us begin with how many volts is in a standard golf cart battery?

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Different Types of Golf Cart Batteries: A General Understanding

Through many years of technological and manufacturing advancements, golf carts have come a long way since their first models were revealed to the world in 1932. One of the biggest changes that have evolved golf carts into a luxurious and convenient investment has been the switch to electric power. However, with electric power comes with the need and demand for reliable batteries ensuring success in an extended lifelong usage of your golf cart. There are several types of golf cart batteries currently available in the market, each with their own respective pros and cons.

The most common and affordable batteries for golf carts are flooded lead-acid batteries, which are required for regular maintenance. If you are searching for more of a maintenance free option battery for your golf cart, you would want to investigate gel batteries, which offer a longer lifespan, but are at a higher cost. A newer contemporary battery that golf cart owners are using are lithium-ion batteries, which offer the longest lifespan and the fastest charging time, allowing you the flexibility and freedom to enjoy a day-long adventure of golf.

You have the ability and the choice to choose the right battery for your golf cart. This of course will depend on your budget and specific needs, but with the wide variety of options available in the market for a golf cart battery, it has been more convenient than ever to weighing your options and purchasing the perfect battery voltage for your golf cart. 

Pros and Cons of Golf Cart Battery Voltages

As we have mentioned earlier, it has been more convenient than ever to weigh your options on purchasing the perfect battery voltage for your golf cart with the wide variety of options to choose from. However, when it comes to making that critical decision, this can be an overwhelming decision. As golf carts have become a more popular means of transportation on golf courses, on big properties and estates, it is vitally important to weigh the pros and cons of golf cart battery voltages.

A common pro of choosing a higher voltage battery is that higher voltage batteries provide more power and speed, allowing a much smoother and more efficient ride. One of the cons of owning a higher voltage battery for your golf cart is that higher voltage golf cart batteries are more expensive and may require more maintenance. Even though lower voltage batteries are more affordable and easier to maintain eventually for your golf cart, lower voltage batteries may not have as much power as a higher voltage battery. Once you weigh your pros and cons on golf cart battery voltages, the decision will come down to your personal preferences. 

What Do Higher Volts Mean for Your Golf Cart

If you currently own or have previously owned a golf cart, you are made aware that battery volts play a significant role in operating a golf cart. But are you also aware of what higher roles can mean for your golf cart and what impact it will make on its performance? With higher voltage, your golf cart battery will have the ability to have more power for your golf cart to drive over hills and by tackling steep terrain.

Additionally, higher voltage means your golf cart will be able to travel further on a single charge, giving you the edge you need to continue a day of golf without running out of juice halfway. Higher voltage can also result in a smoother ride and quicker acceleration. If you are inquiring about upgrading your golf cart for better performance out on the greens, you would want to consider investing in a golf cart with higher voltage so as your golf cart is higher in performance, so will your confidence. 

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How to Find the Right Voltage for Your Golf Cart

As a golf cart owner or an individual who is interested in making your first golf cart purchase, you will find it crucial to finding the right voltage for your golf cart’s overall performance. While some golf carts operate on a 36-volt system, other golf carts will require forty-eight volts to run more smoothly. However, determining which voltage is best for your golf cart can be a chore and a tiring task. The most basic way to discovering what voltage is best for your golf cart is by researching your golf cart manufacturer’s guide, which will determine the recommended voltage for your model.

Another way to discover which voltage is best for your golf cart is asking for consultation with a professional technician, who can diagnose the issues with your golf cart’s battery and will provide the best recommendations for the appropriate voltage. Another point of thought you will have to consider on deciding on the right voltage for your golf cart is the amount of terrain you will be traversing and the weight capacity of your golf cart. By following these steps, you will have a greater understanding and knowledge of the right voltage for your golf cart, ensuring that your golf cart is running at a top-performance level. 

Maintaining and Troubleshooting a Golf Cart Battery

Before going out on the greens and having a successful day of golf, you will want to ensure that your golf cart battery is always in top condition. Your golf cart battery is one of the most important components to your golf cart. To keep your golf cart running smoothly, there are a few maintenance tips that you will need to bear in mind. You would want to start by making sure to check the water level in each cell of the battery on a regular basis by adding distilled water as needed. Another crucial step is keeping your battery clean and free of any dirt or debris. If you are encountering any issues with your golf cart battery, troubleshooting can be done by checking connections and making sure that they are secure. With proper attentive care, your golf cart battery will last much longer in the years to come. 

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Common Inquiries about Golf Cart Batteries and Volts

In contemporary times, more people are turning to golf carts as a means of convenient and eco-friendly modes of transportation. So, it would be natural to have plenty of questions about the voltage and batteries of golf carts. A common question that is asked about golf cart batteries and their voltages is whether a higher voltage battery is better than a lower voltage battery. As we have previously delved into this, the answer is very straightforward as it will depend on the intended usage and the golf cart’s motor. And remember, the higher the voltage your golf cart has, the better performance, longer driving ranges, and a faster charging time it will have.

Another common question that is asked about golf cart batteries is how often a golf cart battery should be charged. It is recommended to recharge them every time it has been used and to never let them fully discharge since it may damage the lifespan of the golf cart itself. With further attentive care and maintenance to your golf cart battery, the batteries will last for many years giving you a smooth ride along the greens. 


Through our deep dive about how many volts are in a golf cart battery. We have gone into the basic overview of golf cart batteries and volts, to weighing the pros and cons of the different voltage of a battery, to understanding what a higher voltage will mean for your golf cart, to determining on how to find the right battery for your golf cart, to maintaining and troubleshooting your golf cart battery, and discovering the common inquiries about golf cart batteries. With this newer insight and knowledge, you will now select, use, maintain and troubleshoot your golf cart battery maximizing its performance.

And with the appropriate motor and size of your golf cart, higher voltages may result in better overall performance. Having the right voltage will determine the difference between having an enjoyable and smooth ride or being stuck with constant repairs and potential financial woes. Once more, we here at Hartville Golf Carts will always be here to assisting you on your research for that perfect golf cart, answering all your questions and ensuring that before leaving our lot, you will have exactly what your golf cart needs for many years of success as an owner of a golf cart.