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A Complete Guide Of Golf Cart Brands

Welcome to our complete guide of golf cart brands around the globe! Whether you’re looking for a local company for your cart, lining up your next fleet purchase, or just curious about golf cart brands worldwide, we have you covered. In this blog, we have crafted a list of manufacturers and brands to provide great insight into the industry. From historical giants in the US and China to newly emerging markets in Europe and Asia this will provide a great starting point for any research you would like to conduct.

The history of golf carts dates to the early 1930s and newer brands of golf carts were introduced in the mid-20th century. Brands such ass Marketeer and Cushman began producing electric golf carts that date back to the early fifties! And even now, brands such as Club Car and EZ-Go have taken tremendous strides in becoming leaders in the golf cart industry. These brands have now given golf carts the ultimate luxury in use for commercial, residential and sport. To this date, they have become more innovative than ever! 

advanced ev golf carts Kent Ohio
advanced ev golf carts Kent Ohio

United States Golf Carts:

  • Advanced EV
  • Atlas Golf Carts
  • Club Car
  • Epic Carts
  • E-Z-GO
  • Cushman
  • Yamaha
  • GEM
  • Evolution EV Golf Carts
  • Royal EV
  • Vivid EV
  • Tomberlin
  • Voyager EV
  • Aetric EV
  • Denago EV Golf Carts
  • Mammoth EV
  • Icon EV Golf Carts
  • Venom Golf Carts 
  • Vantage
  • Alset EV
  • Bintelli
  • EV Titan
  • Trojan EV
  • Kodiak EV
  • V Carts
  • Landmaster
  • Beast
  • Bremark EV
  • Vitacci
  • Moto EV
  • Viking EV
  • Gorilla Rides EV
  • Ironbull Cart
  • Massimo Motor
  • Legion EV
  • Olympus LSV
  • Crown Carts
  • Spartan EV
  • Envy Golf Cart
  • Mantis
  • Ellwee
  • Freedom Carts
  • Honor LSV
  • MAC EV
  • Dynamic Carts
  • Sunday Carts
  • Moke America
  • Spree EV
  • Toro
  • United Smart EV
  • Lexsong
  • Lento Golf Car
  • Yatian
  • Wuling
  • Lannmarker
  • Aoxiang
  • Suncart
  • Whanlong


Throughout the past few decades, China has made significant developments contributing to the global golf cart market share. Since its inception, Chinese manufacturers focused on their local markets. However, this has changed alongside the emerging global popularity in the game of golf itself. Some of the most prominent manufacturers from the Chinese markets are Excar, Lytong, and Eagle EV. With these money saving production methods, Chinese golf cart brands have become competitive on an international scale. 

  • Kandi
  • Excar
  • Lvtong
  • Eagle EV
  • Marshell
  • Tao Motor
  • Zycar
  • Dachi
  • Altra Car
  • Eda Car EV


In modern cases, golf cart brands around the world have contributed to the industry by innovating their own unique perspectives to the table. In Europe, manufacturers such as Garia in Denmark and Italcar located in Italy have carved their niche with an intense focus on craftsmanship and mindfulness leaning towards a luxury market. 

In other countries such as Poland and the Netherlands, Melex and Bensel are more concerned with innovation around eco-friendly technologies. Another emerging market is an Australian golf cart brand such as Ecar Gold almost takes the other side of the coin, working in creating sustainable, off-road capable carts to tackle diverse terrain. 

  • Garia


  • Melex

Dominican Republic:

  • Eco Planeta


  • Pilotcar EV


  • Getgo


  • AGT Cars
  • SC Carts


  • Italcar
  • Biro


  • Matgr


  • Bensel
  • DV-Golf


  • Ecar golf


  • Teycars
  • Ongolf


  • Emart Car
  • Bigcart
  • Vtech


  • Maini
  • Aquila EV


  • WSM


  • Birdie Car

Saudi Arabia:

  • Imperial

South Africa:

  • Drake


  • Bugs
  • Hopper
  • Xmoto
  • ECO Carts


  • Green Car
  • Altifa


  • ICO Car
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Albeit slightly biased towards the US companies, our favorites are Icon EV Golf Carts, Epic Carts, Evolution EV Golf Carts, Venom Golf Carts, Denago EV Golf Carts, and Atlas Golf Carts. The point is with so many players in the game now there are more options to find exactly what you are looking for in a golf cart. Add on top the endless possibilities with golf cart customization and you can truly create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for yourself. We hope you find this list helpful whether you need to research golf cart brands for your own purchase or if you are making a fleet purchase for your business. 

Our team at Hartville Golf Carts offers a massive variety of several golf cart brands adding satisfaction and incredible value for our customers. We take tremendous pride in providing quality golf carts and offer a memorable and an excellent experience. For in-person inquiries, stop by and visit our showrooms today to fulfill that Hartville experience! 

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