Icon EV i20 U Utility With Dump Bed

golf cart with dump bed for sale

Pricing Details

Suggested MSRP: $9,999.00

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Cart Details

  • Year: 2023
  • Make: Icon Electric Vehicles
  • Model: i20 U
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Color: Hunter Green
  • Capacity: 2 People
  • Added Amenities: Dump Bed

Dump Bed For Golf Carts

The Icon i40 golf cart with dump bed for sale in Cleveland, Akron, and Canton with Hartville Golf Carts is perfect for those looking to tackle large jobs that would otherwise be too hard or time-consuming by foot. This powerful machine has a strong frame, rubber tires for greater traction on uneven terrain, and an adjustable front suspension system that allows it to handle larger loads more efficiently.

The engine provides enough torque and speed to carry up to 1500 pounds of payload without breaking a sweat. It also features robust lighting systems and convenient controls along the dashboard to make sure you never get lost while driving the course at night. With its sturdy construction built from corrosion-resistant metals, this heavy duty utility vehicle is designed for maximum performance across any terrain no matter what season it is!

And with four forward speeds plus reverse available at your fingertips, you can complete your work quicker than ever before – enabling you to have more fun off the green instead! So if you’re looking for a reliable golf cart that will help take your game (and other tasks) into overdrive every single time – then the Icon i40 from Hartville Golf Cartswith Dump Bed may just be exactly what you need!

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