Epic Carts E60 L

Cart Details

  • Year: 2023
  • Make: Epic Carts
  • Model: E60 L
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Curb Weight: 1880lbs
  • Capacity: 6 People
  • Carry Capacity: 1000lbs
  • Controller: 450A/500A Controllers
  • Motor: 5kW Motor
  • Batteries: Maintenance-Free AGM
  • Overall Dimensions: 155″X50″
  • Frame: Powder-Coated Steel
  • Body Material: Injection Molded PP
  • Wheels: 12″ Aluminum Wheels
  • Max Speed: 19mph

Experience Unmatched Luxury and Space with the Epic Carts E60 L: The Ultimate 6-Seater Golf Cart for New Golf Cart Sales

When it comes to new golf cart sales, the Epic Carts E60 L stands out as the epitome of luxury and spaciousness. At Hartville Golf Carts, we’re dedicated to providing golf enthusiasts with the finest options, and the Epic Carts E60 L is a shining example of what a golf cart should be.

Epic Carts E60 L: Elevating Your Golfing Experience

The Epic Carts E60 L is not just a golf cart; it’s a statement of sophistication, comfort, and innovation. Here’s why it takes center stage in the world of new golf cart sales:

Spacious 6-Seater Design: With seating for six, the Epic Carts E60 L is designed to accommodate your entire group. Whether it’s family outings, group adventures, or simply the desire for extra space, this golf cart delivers.

Fully Electric Efficiency: In the era of eco-consciousness, the Epic Carts E60 L leads the way with its fully electric powertrain. This means zero emissions and a serene, eco-friendly ride whether you’re on the golf course or exploring your community.

Luxurious Comfort: Step into the Epic Carts E60 L, and you’ll be greeted by plush leather seating that ensures an exceptionally comfortable and stylish ride. It’s the epitome of luxury on wheels.

Cutting-Edge Technology: Stay connected and in control with state-of-the-art technology and modernized systems. This golf cart offers seamless convenience and connectivity, enhancing your driving experience.

Entertainment Excellence: Turn your ride into an entertainment experience with Bose speakers that deliver exceptional sound quality. Whether it’s music or podcasts, your journey becomes an enjoyable escape.

Impressive Speed: For those seeking excitement on the golf course or beyond, the Epic Carts E60 L offers a top speed of up to 19 mph. Get ready for a dynamic and exhilarating ride.

New Golf Cart Sales at Hartville Golf Carts

When you’re in the market for new golf cart sales, Hartville Golf Carts is your premier destination. We don’t just sell golf carts; we provide exceptional options that cater to your unique desires. Our commitment to quality and luxury sets us apart.

Visit us today to explore the Epic Carts E60 L and our extensive range of new golf carts. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast or simply seeking a spacious and luxurious mode of transportation, Hartville Golf Carts is your trusted partner in new golf cart sales. Elevate your golfing experience with the Epic Carts E60 L, where luxury and space redefine your journey.