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Red Golf Carts For Sale

The i40L Golf Cart from Hartville Golf Carts is the perfect choice for those looking for a modern, reliable golf cart with all of today’s amenities. This fully electric cart features an iconic red exterior and a sleek design that make it stand out on the course. It offers plenty of power thanks to its 48 volt/800 amp motor and boasts long battery life due to its advanced lithium ion batteries. This cart also comes with sophisticated GPS mapping technology so you can plan your course routes quickly and easily, while also helping you locate trouble spots or hazards on the green in no time.

The LCD dashboard allows quick access to essential information such as charge level, speed control, range mode settings, etc., allowing you to adjust your ride accordingly. Enjoy a smooth ride through any terrain type due to its hydraulic disc brakes and adjustable suspension system—all at an affordable price tag!

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