Icon EV i40 L-ECO

Cart Details

  • Year: 2023
  • Make: Icon Electric Vehicles
  • Model: i40 L ECO
  • Fuel Type: Electric
  • Color: Champagne
  • Weight: 1300lbs
  • Capacity: 4 People
  • Overall Dimensions (inches): 113x53x82
  • Controller: 350W Controller
  • Motor:4kW Motor
  • Charger: ICON 48V On-Board Charging System with Body Mounted Charge Indicator
  • Batteries: (8) 6 Volt Sealed Maintenance-Free AGM
  • Windshield: Foldable Acrylic/Optional DOT Acrylic
  • Roof: Innovated air deflecting design with full-strength aluminum frame
  • Body: Injection Molded Thermoplastic that is both stylish and resilient to outside damage
  • Mirrors: Fully Adjustable and Foldable
  • Floor: High-Density Polyethylene
  • Wheels: 12 Inch Machined Face Aluminum with Powder Coated Accents
  • Tires: 23×10.5R12 4 Ply Nylon Cord

Discover the Icon i40 L-ECO Golf Cart in Champagne: The Future of Lithium Golf Carts

If you’re in search of the latest in golf cart technology, look no further than the Icon i40 L-ECO Golf Cart in Champagne. This cutting-edge golf cart is a testament to the future of electric vehicles, featuring lithium-ion battery technology that delivers unmatched performance, efficiency, and sustainability. Whether you’re an avid golfer or simply seeking a stylish and eco-friendly mode of transportation, the Icon i40 L-ECO is a game-changer. When you are looking for lithium battery golf carts for sale near me, you are in for a fantastic cart!

Key Features of the Icon i40 L-ECO Golf Cart:

  1. Lithium-Ion Battery: The heart of the Icon i40 L-ECO is its advanced lithium-ion battery. Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries are lighter, more efficient, and longer-lasting. This means you can enjoy more extended rides on a single charge, reducing the need for frequent recharging.
  2. Exceptional Range: Thanks to its lithium-ion power source, the Icon i40 L-ECO offers an impressive range that outperforms many conventional golf carts. You’ll be able to explore the golf course or your community without worrying about running out of power.
  3. Quiet and Eco-Friendly: Lithium-ion technology not only provides excellent performance but also ensures a quiet and environmentally friendly ride. Say goodbye to noisy engines and harmful emissions, as the Icon i40 L-ECO operates silently and emits zero tailpipe pollutants.
  4. Champagne Exterior: The Icon i40 L-ECO comes in a stylish Champagne finish that exudes sophistication and elegance. Whether you’re cruising the golf course or navigating your neighborhood, this golf cart will turn heads with its sleek design.
  5. Comfortable Seating: The spacious and comfortable seating in the Icon i40 L-ECO ensures a pleasant ride for you and your passengers. Whether you’re golfing with friends or taking a leisurely drive, you’ll appreciate the ergonomic design.
  6. Versatile Use: While the Icon i40 L-ECO is perfect for golf enthusiasts, it’s also a versatile mode of transportation for various purposes. Whether you’re exploring your community, running errands, or simply enjoying the outdoors, this golf cart offers unmatched convenience.

Why Choose the Icon i40 L-ECO Golf Cart?

When you choose the Icon i40 L-ECO Golf Cart in Champagne, you’re not only investing in a high-performance vehicle but also making a sustainable choice. Lithium-ion batteries are known for their longevity, which means fewer replacements and less environmental impact. Additionally, the reduced noise and emissions make this golf cart an excellent choice for eco-conscious individuals and communities.

If you’re searching for lithium battery golf carts for sale near me, the Icon i40 L-ECO is a top contender. Its innovative technology, exceptional range, and stylish design set it apart from traditional golf carts. Whether you’re hitting the greens or navigating your neighborhood, this golf cart offers a comfortable and eco-friendly ride that’s perfect for both recreation and everyday use. Upgrade to the future of golf carts with the Icon i40 L-ECO in Champagne and experience the difference for yourself. Hartville Golf Carts carries many Lithium Golf Carts!