Jupiter Bike Atlas Pro Step – Through Folding E – Bike

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Suggested MSRP: $1,995.00

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•Year: 2023

•Make: Jupiter E-Bikes

•Model: Atlas Pro

•Color: Black

•Location: Hartville, Ohio

•Motor: Electric

•Carry Capacity: 1 Person

Revolutionize your commute with the Jupiter Atlas Pro folding eBike, a cutting-edge marvel now available at Hartville Golf Carts. This electric bike effortlessly combines the convenience of a folding design with the performance you need for urban exploration.

The Jupiter Atlas Pro features a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame that can be conveniently folded within seconds. This ingenious folding mechanism makes it a breeze to store your eBike in tight spaces or take it with you on public transportation. Whether you’re navigating crowded city streets or hopping on and off trains, the folding feature of the Atlas Pro provides unparalleled convenience.

Powered by a robust 350W brushless geared motor, the Atlas Pro delivers an exhilarating and efficient ride. The motor seamlessly integrates with a Shimano 7-speed gear system, offering versatility for different terrains and riding preferences. Tackle hills, cruise through neighborhoods, and effortlessly cover distances with this powerful electric bike.

The lithium-ion battery, cleverly concealed within the frame, ensures an extended range for your journeys. Quick-charging capabilities mean you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the ride. The strategic placement of the battery maintains the sleek design of the Atlas Pro while contributing to its balanced weight distribution.

Safety is a top priority, and the Atlas Pro comes equipped with responsive disc brakes for precise control and reliable stopping power. Integrated front and rear lights enhance visibility during low-light conditions, ensuring a secure and confident ride.

Tailored for comfort, the adjustable saddle and handlebars allow you to find the perfect riding position. The 20-inch wheels strike a balance between agility and stability, providing a smooth and enjoyable ride.

Experience the future of urban commuting with the Jupiter Atlas Pro folding eBike, where cutting-edge technology meets portability. Visit Hartville Golf Carts to explore this exceptional electric bike and transform your daily travels.

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